Posted by: Jill | June 18, 2008

Rachel Carson or Sylvia Earle?

This my last post before I leave – I’m sitting at the Seattle airport waiting to get on a flight to Taipei, then to Manila, and finally to Cebu.

The hardest thing about packing was deciding which books to bring.  I felt guilty choosing Rachel Carson (The Sea Around Us) over Sylvia Earle (Sea Change), but Rachel was a lot slimmer and more portable and I’m confident that Sylvia will wait for my return in a few months.

I tried to be as economical as possible with my packing, and I think I did a pretty good job paring things down.  Still, dive gear is big and bulky (until you hit the water!), and so I have two hefty bags.  My new pack, though, is performing beautifully already.  It’s about 27 pounds and feels like I could wear it all day.  The rest of my stuff:

Pretty good, right?  Now – onward!



  1. […] this is new. Usually, I prepare for a research trip by packing my scuba diving gear, organizing bags and jars for samples, and making a detailed plan […]

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