Posted by: Jill | June 23, 2008

I might as well be at a Starbucks

There’s a coffee shop around the corner from my hotel where I like to work: it has comfortable chairs and huge windows, it’s empty enough that I don’t feel bad monopolizing a table for a few hours, and I can pick up a strong wireless signal from the car dealership next door. It’s pretty much just like Starbucks, except a tall “Frosticcino” costs about $1.20 and my delicious slice of carrot-walnut bread was 80 cents. I feel slightly guilty for retreating to my comfortable American-style life, but I do have work to get done. I’ll get out of the city soon and hopefully change my living style somewhat.

Yesterday I had breakfast at one of the ubiquitous bakeshops that sell a variety of freshly made rolls. This particular one has a nice cluster of shaded tables on a busy corner, so I could enjoy my breakfast while watching the loud, though quite orderly, morning traffic. I finished my 40 cent raisin roll, put on my $180 Ray-Bans, and hailed a taxi for the $1.25 ride to the NGO office. Contrast? Duly noted. More on contrasts later.

I also like to work on the balcony at my hotel. It’s high off the street and catches a good breeze, and affords a nice view of coconut palms and high rise buildings.




  1. Looks like a great place to work. I like the idea of your stewardship of the oceans. Been doing my best trying to get the Arubans to develop windmills on that windy isle where I live half the year. They could do some cleanup in the ocean as well. In the mean time, I’m writing books, reading, and blogging at Thanks!

  2. Hi Jill–
    your sis just shared this with me. Lovely to know what you’re doing and thinking and how you’re going to change the world. Good luck with the research and see you later this summer! -Kelly

  3. Life sounds GOOD. How about some pictures of the fish (did you take your underwater housing)? And more about the local raisin rolls!

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