Posted by: Jill | June 26, 2008

Carbon Market

Yesterday, Anna (my friend from UW, here doing related research) and I went down to the Carbon Market for lunch. Carbon is several city blocks of stalls that sell: cooked food, fruit, flowers, vegetables, rice and grains, meat, poultry and eggs, fresh fish, dried fish, furniture, beads, fabrics. We braved the smells of the raw meat section (where I really wish I’d been wearing close-toed shoes…), stumbled upon a cock fight, and tried jack fruit. Jack fruit is about watermelon-sized, yellowish and lumpy, with pronounced pointy bumps covering the surface. You peel it and cut it, and it’s delicious, sort of a cross between a pineapple and a banana (I think my dad could probably come up with a really good hybrid name).

Our first course of lunch was “something on a stick,” which turned out to be sweet grilled banana (see photo). Yum! Lunch proper (several plates of noodles, fish, and veggies) found us the center of attention: a small crowd gathered to watch us eat, delighted at everything we did. We tried Sparkle! soda, which is just a lemon-lime drink but seems much more special than Sprite.



  1. Pineanna! Banapple! mm-mm. Why did people gather to watch you eat–don’t they get a decent number of foreigners on Cebu?

    Ejoying the updates! xx your favorite sister

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