Posted by: Jill | July 9, 2008

Mango Challenge Progress

The Mango Challenge is progressing nicely.  My preferred method of mango consumption is fresh, with nothing but my hands and a way to hose off afterwards.  Sometimes, though, I eat my daily mango sliced inside a warm crepe for breakfast or in mango preserves spread inside a sweet roll from a bake shop.

Other times, I choose to drink my daily mango:



  1. hi jilly,,,,

    lami-a ana imong giinom uy,,,panghatag sad,,,

    something in cebuano,,giving you some headache in translating those,,,hehehe

    anyways–salamat,,uve been a part of us,,will miz u all,,good luck and take care,,,,

    aim HIGH–tagay–hehehehe

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