Posted by: Jill | July 9, 2008

So far, so GREAT

Here’s a peek at my inner monologue these days.  Last night, tired and sweaty, I wrote in my journal:

“I AM LIVING THE EXACT LIFE I WANT TO BE LIVING.  How many people are lucky enough to ever get to say that??”

I couldn’t do this forever, but this is precisely how I want to be spending a few months of my life.  I’ve spent the last few days beginning my interviews.  I have about a dozen so far, so now is a good time to sit back, type up my notes, transcribe my recordings, and evaluate if I am adequately addressing my research questions.  This means that tonight I will stay up late writing, and tomorrow I will spend the day reading and writing, taking breaks for swimming, mangos, naps, and maybe some yoga on the patio.

The people I have interviewed so far have been extremely helpful and generous with their time, especially considering that these same people sometimes experience “interview fatigue” when visiting researchers talk to them over and over again, asking similar questions.  I’m doing some interviews in English and some in Visayan (the regional dialect) with Macky acting as a wonderful translator and guide.


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