Posted by: Jill | July 14, 2008

Batfish, lionfish, frogfish, oh my!

Not many stories, just a lot of photos to share from a great weekend in Moalboal (say: mwal-bwal), a dive town on the west coast of Cebu.Theresa, Anna and I shared a lovely room just a few steps from the water.There coast is shallow leading out to a drop off about 30m from shore, where there are phenomenal corals.On Sunday I dove at Pescador Island, a small island with steep edges that rise 300m from the seafloor.Areas like this are great for marine life because the cold, nutrient-rich deep water upwells to the photic zone, where light-loving algae live.Lots of sunshine + lots of nutrients = lots of plankton, which means that corals, fish, and other marine life can thrive.SCUBA divers also thrive in areas like this.

Lunch time in Moalboal. This is my uniform on weekends: bathing suit and sarong.

Friendly reminder at my dive shop.

The approach to Pescador Island.

Reefscape from Pescador Island

Tiera Batfish.  It swam straight toward my mask!

Tiera Batfish. It swam straight toward my mask!

Boring giant clam. It bores into the reef and looks like a monster. Go ahead, make the pun. I'll excuse you.

A frogfish! Also called an ugly lump fish. They sit on sponges like this, blending in, and use a modified dorsal fin to lure poor little unsuspecting dinner into their mouths.



  1. It may be a trick of perspective, but that batfish looks BIG. And a little bit peeved–observe the expression on his little fishy face.

    That frogfish picture came out beautifully. Congratulations! They’re so hard to spot! Did you see him first?

  2. Thanks! No way did I spot the frogfish first – an experienced dive guide, as usual, found all the cool stuff.

    Well, the lionfish I found by myself, and the batfish was hard to miss as it made a beeline for my face.

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