Posted by: Jill | July 25, 2008

I found nirvana at the Dumaguete Public Market

On my way both to and from Apo Island last weekend, I spent a day in Dumaguete City.  This is where Silliman University is located and is a really lovely small city with a good university vibe.  There’s a nice waterfront boulevard, great restaurants, bars with live music and cheap bear, and lots of little shady cafes where I can sit and do work.

There’s also a wonderful public market, and this is where I found nirvana at approximately 9 a.m. on a Sunday morning:

Bud-bod and chocolate

Bud-bod is one of my favorite Filipino foods: sweet sticky rice made with coconut milk and wrapped up in a banana leaf.  At the Dumaguete market, there is an entire street of food stalls that serve bud-bod with a cup of thick, delicious chocolate for dipping.  IT IS AMAZING.  I sat in the shade, watching the bustle of the market, chatting with the man working at the food stall, trying to decide just exactly how many of these delicious little sweets I could eat (answer: 4, then mixed my remaining chocolate with a cup of coffee).

It’s reminiscent of the delicious churros y chocolate that Janna and I enjoyed in Seville several years ago.  New favorite food?  Perhaps.  A reason to restructure my research so I can be based in Dumaguete and eat this every day?  Yes.



  1. YUM. Bud-bod actually sounds even more appealing to me than churros. Can your Home-Ec teacher friend teach you how to make them yourself?

  2. Do you eat the bananna leaves? I guess so!

  3. Just happened to stumble on your blog and I enjoyed reading it. I’m originally from Bohol. This is the answer to the question above – you do not eat the banana leaves. The banana leaf is merely to hold and wrap the bud-bod. In my dialect we call it suman. It’s practically the same thing.

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