Posted by: Jill | October 15, 2008

Back in Seattle

I’ve left the Philippines and settled back into my life in Seattle.  The contrast is stark.

My last night in Cebu, I stayed out late with friends.  We drank Red Horse (passing around a single glass, tagay style, of course) and sang karaoke.  It occurred to me that in a few hours, I would be in the States and this would all seem like a dream.

When I joined my family in Santa Barbara and stood around hugging and saying hello, with a glass of wine in my hand, I thought back to that night that had previously seemed so vivid – and now seems like a dream.

Some of the things I love about Seattle:

  • I walk to the grocery store, and it is STOCKED with all the things I like to eat.  Also, I often cross paths with a Tibetan monk who does her grocery shopping at the same place.
  • Peter and I took a break this morning to walk a few blocks to the UW hatchery and see the huge Chinook salmon that are returning to spawn.
  • The Arbutus trees are producing fruits.  These trees are all over the place, and I love to grab handful of fruits to snack on as I walk to class.

Arbutus fruits. They're soft and taste a little like strawberries, if strawberries had spiky skin.



  1. Are you sure those are arbutus?

  2. I’m sure! It’s the European variety, Arbutus unedo. Related to the madrones, which are native to the Pacific coast.

    See Wikipedia, the font of all knowledge on the topic (

  3. Short, but profound.
    I’m ready for: longer, and still profound.
    (When you’re so moved.)

    Love ya! CAL

  4. hi jilly,

    thanks for the comments,,,i love it,,,,!
    hows seattle,,,?
    philippines is far off better…
    CONGRATIOLATIONS! to BARAK!!!! his my bet too…

  5. The madrones, oh thanks, I was looking for the name of the fruit. My hypothesis is the madrones (arbutus) is good for the adrenal medulla, and the spleen. A collagen based plant, as solely plant collagen is good for the internal organs. I tried the fruit today in Suisun City California. Seems like the tree migrated out of China back in the day the fish in San Francisco Bay were so big. They still were on wooden boats. Let the Dalai Lama know they shouldn’t be making money off undivided sound zones, meditations without monetary ulterior motive unequivocally is the only way. Notice the people’s unconscious, as well as the Dalai Lama’s, now frontal lobing the memory. The world will work out their cancer. Wisest to keep in the land of the golden, green hills in biology meanwhile. The ways ripped off by India’s kuruksetra (for none other of escaping their dangerous karma), 5000 approximate years ago.

    I didn’t know a person can leave a message for an unknown fruit search.

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