Posted by: Jill | March 25, 2009

Explanation for blog absence…

Okay, yes, it’s been months since I’ve posted to this blog, and the reason is: my Master’s thesis.  And I am now proud to say that I am FINISHED, with a first draft, at least.  See, I really was working all summer in the Philippines, in between all the SCUBA diving and mango-eating.  We’ll see what my advisor has to say…

Here’s a sneak peak of “Human factors in the development of a regional network of community-based marine sanctuaries in Cebu, Philippines.”


Small, community-based marine protected areas (MPAs) are a common tool of ecosystem based management.  Increasingly, individual MPAs are being connected in regional MPA networks, defined as a collection of MPAs that interact synergistically to achieve results greater than individual MPAs alone.  While the social components of designing individual MPAs are understood, less attention has been given to the social aspects of scaling up management to MPA networks.  Therefore, this study addressed the feasibility and potential challenges of scaling up local MPA management into a regional network of marine sanctuaries.  The Philippines has long been a leader in community-based resource management, and a set of seven municipalities along the southeast coast of the island of Cebu is now beginning to form a regional MPA network.  Officials and other stakehodlers from local and regional levels of government were asked their perceptions of local and regional MPA management in a series of semi-structured interviews.  Qualitative, inductive analysis indicates that managing MPAs as a regional network could alleviate some of the key challenges, such as enforcement and political support.  However, communication among and within communities remains a potential barrier to effective regional management.  A successful regional MPA network must maintain the important role of community-level governing bodies.

As my family might say…ta-da!


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