Posted by: Jill | October 18, 2009

San Diego Wanderings, Part II

When I moved here, I made a list of Things To Do in San Diego (part of my TTD series; I also have volumes for Seattle, Manhattan, and D.C.).  High on that list: trying stand-up paddling, or paddleboarding.

People keep finding new ways to enjoy and explore the ocean.  Stand-up paddling is one of the newest trends (thanks, Laird Hamilton).  Think: large, buoyant surfboard + long paddle + trying to not fall over.  For those of us who don’t surf 30′ waves, it looks like this:

Had a great lesson at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center and am now ready to take out a paddleboard by myself and meander around the bay.

Stand-up paddling is a mellow way to be on the water.  We paddled past a sea lion who, drifting in the water, looked about as relaxed as we were.  We saw numerous cormorants and pelicans diving for their breakfasts.  As I was learning how to turn and steer the board, I almost paddled directly into a seagull resting on a channel buoy (the gull did not seem to be concerned).  We took our time in the shallows, peering down into the water to find stingrays hiding in the eelgrass.  I like stand-up paddling because it lets me get close to the environment in a slow, quiet, unobtrusive manner.

Stand-up paddling : surfing :: nordic skiing : downhill skiing (…and guess which type of skiing I prefer!).


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