Posted by: Jill | January 29, 2010

A Non-Sciencey Scientific Poster

Look! Look!

Last week I made my first scientific poster for an event with a group of non-scientists who are big-time involved with development at Scripps. I tried to make this a scientific poster that also addressed the broader questions and relied on zero jargon.

A good poster should be visually interesting, give viewers a quick idea of your research, and have a clear bottom-line message. I think I did okay with this one, though there are certainly some components that I’ll update for next time.

What do you think of it?

[Some of the alignment got scrunched when I shrunk it from the original 4’x3′ but don’t worry: it was spotless in real life]



  1. hi jill its been a long since the last time i hear you…i just misses yoou and my painting…can you have a photo of it and paste it here…many thanks


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