Posted by: Jill | March 1, 2010

The PB parrots are back!

Pennsylvania has its groundhog. Here in San Diego, I have learned that the end of of our long, cold winter is marked by the return of the PB Parrots. Several pairs of green parrots split their time between Mexico (winter) and San Diego (spring and summer). This morning I was excited to hear their unmistakable squawking once again. They’re back!

At 32N, we’re technically just outside the tropics, but sometimes all the birds of paradise, palm trees, and parrots make it easy to ignore that technicality. There is a whole Flickr photostream dedicated to these bright green, extremely chatty birds. If I can get my hands on a telephoto lens I’ll post some of my own photographs here.

There are several parrot pairs building a nest in a palm tree down the street from my house, so I get to watch them from our patio. And I watch them from the bus stop. And sometimes they fly past my bedroom window and wake me up. It’s pretty spectacular.

Happy spring!


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