Posted by: Jill | April 21, 2010

CAUTION: Palm Trees Ahead

Just another day in San Diego:

  1. a gray whale in San Diego Bay is “local breaking news“.  Look!  It’s a whale!  In the ocean!  It’s swimming around!  You know you’re in a good place when this story is the talk of the town.
  2. Alex and I were hit in the head with a palm tree branch this morning.  It’s a windy day here, and we were walking down the sidewalk after a lovely breakfast at Harry’s in La Jolla when — WHACK.  The city doesn’t plant coconut palms for public safety reasons (you’re more likely to die from a coconut than a shark, they say),  but apparently the aesthetic appeal of date palms outweighs the danger of falling palm fronds.  But let me tell you: those palm fronds can be a serious bump on the noggin, too!  Ouch.

Still, not a bad life.  I’ll take gray whales and coconut palms any day.


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