Posted by: Jill | July 7, 2010

Back at my desk — but only for a moment

I spent the last two weeks in a dive training course at Scripps, getting my AAUS science diver certification so that I can officially dive for my research here. Certification includes, among other things, a two-week intensive training course in advanced diving.

This is what it looks like to scuba dive off the Scripps Pier

After this course, I am a much better, more confident diver and ready to tackle some serious underwater science. Also, after 14 days straight of being in the water (the cold, murky, La Jolla water!), this week I was quite grateful to stay dry and sit at my computer all day long.

But by Tuesday, only 2 days out of the water, I was already bored by sitting at a computer and was ready to get back in the water. I have just the remedy: I’m headed to Maui in mid-July to do research on the coral reefs inside a new marine reserve. I wonder how long it will take till I’m sick of the sunny, warm, tropical diving?


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