Posted by: Jill | March 26, 2012

You are so weird, you are actually kind of cute

When Science calls, I answer. I just got back from a short trip to Maui, where I went for a small dose of research with my labmate Levi. We went scuba diving, we discussed science, we collected a ton of data, we drank some delicious local beer and we played at least one game of glow-in-the-dark beach bocce ball.

We also saw this little guy: Image

When I am diving for science, I usually have so much work to do underwater that I pay little attention to the beautiful reef around me. But this slipper lobster made sure that I noticed him when he literally bumped into me and scrambled across my arms in an attempt to escape. Not the brightest lobster in the bunch, eh? He’s still pretty cute, though.



  1. Way cool. Looks like it was fun. If you need a ‘quick fix’ for Hawaii – please visit our blog at or our FB page!

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