Things that I read.

When I’m not reading about marine reserves, I like to explore these sites. Check ’em out.

  • I start each day with Grist for witty, smart environmental reporting.
  • XKCD, of course. Because “science: it works, bitches.”
  • Carl Safina is a scientist, activist, and poet. His writing changed my life.
  • PostSecret is always a good way to begin your Sunday. Have you ever sent in a secret?

Some of my favorite people have blogs that are highly worth your time:

  • Helen and I crossed paths very briefly, and we CLICKED. After a stint in the Peace Corps, she continues her life of adventure and inspiration leading youth trips in Bolivia.
  • When Emily lived a mere few steps away from me, I was a lucky gal. She writes in several languages: English, Rusian, and Science.
  • Juan has one of the hardest jobs I know. A few years ago, we wished each other “Happy Ramadan” and “Happy Yom Kippur” in the same breath, and since then I’ve thought that the world will probably be okay. Read his writing.
  • Sarabeth is an arts educator who will change the way you think about art, education, and life.  Though she has an impressive library of art books and tools, she lets me use the arts books written for kids and does not judge me for, sometimes, just wanting to color with a pack of Crayolas.


  1. I navigated to your blog because I was looking for an image of the arbutus.

    I read around a little bit. Interesting. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Michael. I hope you’ve tried eating the arbutus fruits – they really are delicious!

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